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AN/VIC-1 VEHICULAR INTERCOM SYSTEM The AN/VIC-1 Intercommunication Set provides voice communication between two to five vehicle crew members. It is used in those vehicles that do not have an intercommunication system as a part of a radio set. It consists of two major components: a Control Intercommunication Set C-2298/VRC is installed for each crew member who is to use the radio equipment (in a tank it is installed at each crew position except the drivers'), and an Amplifier, Audio Frequency, AM-1780/VRC, which amplifies the voice signals and controls their distribution throughout the system. Installation kits provided for specific vehicles may include other control boxes and audio accessories that are used in conjunction with the AN/VIC-1 Intercommunication Set. In addition, cable assembly, special purpose electrical CX-4720/VRC is used to connect the vehicular power supply to the amplifier and one CX-4723/VRC is used to connect the amplifier to each control box. While typically the AN/VIC-1 is used in vehicles, it may be used for non-vehicular installations when the correct DC power source is available. It has two line binding posts that may be used to connect a remotely located telephone or switchboard into the vehicular intercommunication system.

AM-1780/VRC AUDIO AMPLIFIER is the main function box for the Intercommunication System. It has controls for both power/amplification. It provides connections between the amplifier and the crew members' audio accessories. It has a volume control and a radio/intercommunication selector switch. This unit amplifies intercom as well as received audio signals. It also functions as a main control box and an interconnection junction. As a control box it distributes power for intercom and radio operation, permits transmission by the commander or crew, and accentuates intercom audio to override the received signal. As a junction box, it interconnects the radio set and intercom system.

C-2298/VRC INTERCOMMUNICATION CONTROL SET This box provides radio and intercom facilities for the commander or other personnel in the vehicle. A selector allows reception and transmission on any or all receiver-transmitters in the system. A volume control adjusts the audio level of intercom and received signals.

C-2296/VRC INTERCOMMUNICATION SET CONTROL This box provides radio and intercom facilities to personnel outside the vehicle (through the C-2297/VRC). The unit includes a connector for a call indicator, and means to signal the C-2297/VRC operator. Handset H-207/VRC is supplied as part of the unit, and two terminals for a field telephone are provided.
C-2297/VRC INTERCOMMUNICATION SET CONTROL This box provides radio and intercom facilities to a crew member. Its functions are similar to those of the C-2298/VRC, but it also serves as a junction box for the C-2296/VRC. The unit includes a call indicator and means to signal the C-2296/VRC operator.
C-2299/VRC INTERCOMMUNICATION SET CONTROL This box is required in the radio sets  AN/VRC-49 and AN/VRC-45 configurations to enable the two receiver-transmitters to perform automatic retransmission of signals at a relay radio site. In some installations it is provided as a convenient connection for audio accessories to control one receiver-transmitter. It is provided with controls and cable receptacles.
C-2742/VRC INTERCOMMUNICATION SET CONTROL This box selects any one of the ten preset channels on automatic receiver-transmitter RT-246/VRC. It also remotely controls power applied to the RT-246/VRC, and selects RF output level. For greater versatility, two units of  C-4724/VRC may be used in a military vehicle; each box obtains control of the receiver-transmitter by pressing a momentary switch. Two special lugs allow mounting above the C-2298/VRC.
DH-132 SERIES HELMETS These Helmets are usually provided to each crew member as an integral part of the AN/VIC-1 intercom system.

5895-00-892-3342 AMPLIFIER, AM-1780

5895-01-284-3057 AMPLIFIER, AM-1780B

5830-00-892-3339 CONTROL BOX C-2298

5935-00-911-2323 COVER, DUST ELEC. FOR RT MOUNT

5340-00-933-3752 COVER, DUST FOR VIC-1

5999-00-254-2243 COVER, LINE BINDING POST (PKG OF 5)

5995-00-823-2832 CABLE, CX-4723 (4FT)

5995-00-823-2833 CABLE, CX-4723 (5FT)

5995-00-823-2834 CABLE, CX-4723 (6FT)

5995-00-823-2820 CABLE, CX-4723 (7FT)

5995-00-823-2835 CABLE, CX-4723 (8FT)

5995-00-823-2836 CABLE, CX-4723 (9FT)

5995-00-823-2837 CABLE, CX-4723 (10FT)

5995-00-823-2838 CABLE, CX-4723 (12FT)

5995-00-823-2839 CABLE, CX-4723 (13FT)

5995-00-823-2840 CABLE, CX-4723 (14FT)

5995-00-823-2841 CABLE, CX-4723 (15FT)

5995-00-823-2911 CABLE, CX-4723 (16FT)

5995-00-823-2843 CABLE, CX-4723 (18FT)

5995-00-889-0757 CABLE, CX-4723 (20FT)

5995- 00-985-8321 CABLE, CX-7060 (2FT)

5995- 00-926-0769 CABLE, CX-7060 (3FT)

5995- 00-926-0770 CABLE, CX-7060 (4FT)

5995-00-823-2782 CABLE, CX-7060 (5FT)

5995- 00-985-8385 CABLE, CX-7060 (6FT)

5995-00-823-2784 CABLE, CX-7060 (7FT)

5995-00-258-6407 CABLE, CX-7060 (10FT)

5310-01-062-6473 C-10456 LOCK NUTS

5935-01-260-2822 DUMMY PLUG C-10456

5355-00-656-1358 KNOB AM-1780

5305-00-865-3895 SCREW, AM-1780 SWITCH (UI HD)