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AN/PRC-77 Radio is an improved version of PRC-25. It is a complete solid state design with higher reliability and reduced power requirements. Filters have been added to reduce the interference. PRC-77 is also capable to work with X-mode speech encryption and could be used for secure voice communications.

ST-138/PRC-25 (Harness) is a cotton duck back pack. It is sewn to secure the receiver-transmitter so that it can be carried on the operator’s back.

CW-503/PRC-25 (Accessory Bag) is a sectionalized canvas carrying case used to store the two whip antennas and the handset.

AT-892/PRC-25 ( antenna) ) is a one-section, three foot, whip antenna. A spring at its base allows the antenna to be placed in a vertical position no matter what the position of the receiver-transmitter. It is constructed of steel tape and can be folded for storage.

AT-271A/PRC Foldable Antenna) is a six section, tubular, folding whip antenna. A stainless steel, plastic-covered cable (or braided plastic cord) under spring tension is threaded through the sections to keep them together when assembled for operation and prevent their separation or loss when disassembled.

AB-591/PRC-25 (Antenna Base) is an antenna base that will act as a rigid support for the tubular six section antenna.

H-189/GR (Handset) contains a dynamic microphone and receiver for transmitting and receiving signals. A push-to-talk switch is mounted in the handle. The connecting cord is retractile and terminates in a five-pin connector U-229/U.

Modules for PRC-77 Radios are available for sale along-with other spare parts i.e. filters, selector switches, knobs, C1/C2 Capacitors, Relays, Potentiometers, Assembly hardware and front panel etc.

CY-2562 Battery Box & NiCD Battery for AN/PRC-77 are readily available in our stock. We also supply NiCD and NiMH battery cells and battery assembly parts to assemble batteries for PRC-77 and other Radios.